Other Publications


This section contains publications by WALL's International Advisory Team and additional publications by WALL investigators, partners, and research assistants


New Forms of Learning and Work Organization in the IT Industry: A German Perspective on Informal Learning
by Peter Dehnbostel, Gabriele Molzberger, and Bernd Overwien (WALL International Advisory Committee)


Working Life Learning, Young People and Competitive Advantage: Notes from a European Perspective
by Keith Forrester (WALL International Advisory Committee)


Globalization, Logics of Action, International Labor Standards and National Government Roles
by Sarosh Kuruvilla and Anil Verma (WALL)


Extending Working Life: Understanding the Ageing Workforce - A UK View
by Stephen McNair
Director, Centre for Research into the Older Workforce (CROW), University of Surrey/NIACE


Self-assessed Returns to Adult Education: Life-long Learning and the Educationally Disadvantaged
by Karen Myers and John Myles (WALL)


Too Many Left Behind: Canada’s Adult Education and Training System
by Karen Myers (WALL) and Patrice de Broucker


Related presentation: Towards Effective Adult Learning Systems in Western Canada
by Karen Myers, Patrice de Broucker, and Ron Saunders, Canadian Policy Research Networks


Arbeiten und Lernen: Ein kanadischer Forschungsverbund geht neue Wege (German) [Work and learning: A Canadian research group tries new methods]
by Bernd Overwien (WALL International Advisory Committee)


Education and Employment: Overview of Research and Policy Issues (English)
Formation et emploi : Survol des enjeux pour la recherche et les politiques (French)

by Ken Pankhurst (Centre for the Study of Education & Work)


The Labour Process: Learning, Work and Productivity
by Ken Pankhurst and David W. Livingstone (WALL)


Immigration, Race, and Labor: Unionization and Wages in the Canadian Labor Market
by Jeffery G. Reitz and Anil Verma (WALL)


Adult Learning in Canada in an International Perspective
by Kjell Rubenson (WALL International Advisory Committee)


In Search of the Nordic Model of Adult Learning
by Kjell Rubenson (WALL International Advisory Committee)


Curbing Our Enthusiasm: The Underbelly of Educational Technology
by Peter H. Sawchuk (WALL)


Labor Education and Labor Art: The Hidden Potential of Knowing for the Left Hand
by Peter H. Sawchuk (WALL)


Voices from the Margins: Visible-Minority Immigrant and Refugee Youth Experiences with Employment Exclusion in Toronto
by John Shields, Khan Rahi, and Antonie Scholtz (research assistant, WALL)


Different but Equal? Post-Secondary Streaming in Ontario: A Comparison of the Labour Market Outcomes of College and University Students
by Anthony Tambureno (research assistant, WALL)


What Do Unions Do to the Workplace? Union Impact on Management and HRM Policies
by Anil Verma (WALL)






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