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D.W. Livingstone (Editor)

Education and Jobs: Exploring the Gaps

University of Toronto Press, 2009.



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Written as a sequel to the critically acclaimed The Education-Jobs Gap by D.W. Livingstone, Education and Jobs reviews prior theoretical and empirical work on gaps between workers’ educational attainments and employers’ job requirements, analyses an unprecedented amount of new evidence obtained by surveys and case studies about multiple forms of learning and work, and develops an empirically grounded account of a dynamic interrelationship between the formation and utilization of human abilities at work. The survey evidence finds an increasingly overqualified, non-managerial labour force (especially service and industrial workers, recent immigrants and visible minorities). The case studies of professional employees (teachers and computer programmers), service and industrial workers (clerical and auto workers) and workers with disabilities explore how discrepancies between formal educational attainments and requirements are modified by the ways in which workers continue to learn and reshape their jobs. The book develops a new paradigm of an active labour force which integrates the formation and utilization of abilities during learning by experience in paid and unpaid work, and recommends reforms of policy and practice with an emphasis on job reforms permitting greater utilization of worker’s abilities.

The Education-Job Requirement Matching (EJRM) Research Project team, including M. Lordan, S. Officer, K.V. Pankhurst, M. Radsma, M. Raykov, J. Weststar, and O. Wilson worked closely together for several years conducting and analyzing both survey and case study data. This book is the most thorough exploration to date of relations between workers and jobs. The new paradigm aims to help reshape future studies of learning and work.