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The Brookings Model & the Role of the Discussant/Presenter and Chair

The purpose of the model is to provide the authors with maximum feedback that will help them strengthen the paper in future revisions.


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Suggested Topics for Discussion

These topics, chosen for discussion by WALL project leaders,
will be discussed in small groups during the conference.


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2005 Members' Conference Papers

Alphabetical by Author




Albanese, Patrizia
Housework and Lifelong Learning


Bélanger, Paul and Larivière, Maryse
"The Dynamics of Workplace Learning in the Knowledge Economy:
Organizational Change, Knowledge Transfer and Learning
in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry


Butterwick, Shauna, Jubas, Kaela, Zhu, Hong, & Liptrot, Jen
Exploring Women’s Alternative and Informal
Learning Pathways to Jobs in the IT Field


Church, Kathryn and Luciani, Teresa (Tracy)
'Stepping to the Rhythm of Circumstance':
A Choreography of Corporate Disability: Reprise


Doray, Pierre, Mason, Lucia and Bélanger, Paul
L’art de vaincre l’adversité : le retour aux études
des adultes dans l’enseignement technique

(English - "Beating the Odds: Adults Returning to College")


Jackson, Nancy
What Counts as Learning? A Case Study Perspective


Livingstone, David
REVISED - Profiles of Adult Work and Learning: Canada 1998-2004


Livingstone, David and Stowe, Susan
A Longitudinal Analysis of Formal and Informal Learning Activities of the Continuously Employed Labour Force: Canada 1998-2004


Mündel, Karsten and Schugurensky, Daniel
Informal Learning and Volunteer Work: Insights from Three Case Studies

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Myers, Karen and Myles, John
Self-Assessed Returns to Adult Education: Life-long Learning
and the Educationally Disadvantaged


Sawchuk, Peter
A 'Use-Value Thesis' on the Labour/Learning
Process: Re-assessments and
Expansion of Conceptual Resources


Scholtz, Antonie and Livingstone, David
Knowledge Workers and the 'New Economy' in Canada: 1983-2004


Shragge, Eric, Baltodano, Charlotte, Hanley, Jill et. al.
Constructing Immigrant Workers


Smaller, Harry, Tarc, Paul, Antonelli, Fabrizio et. al.
Canadian Teachers’ Learning Practices and Workload Issues:
Results from a National Teacher Survey
and Follow-Up Focus Groups


Taylor, Alison and Watt-Malcolm, Bonnie
Expansive Learning Through High School Apprenticeship:
Opportunities and Limits


Verma, Anil and Mann, Sara
Learning Among Lower Wage and At-Risk Workers:
The Roles of Personal, Organizational and Social Resources


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Preliminary Papers

Alphabetical by Principal Investigator

Belanger, Paul
Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological Industry Case Studies

Butterwick, Shauna with Kaela Jubas, Jen Liptrot & Danielle Thibodeau
A Study of Women’s Informal and Alternative Learning Pathways to I.T. Jobs

Church, Kathryn with Catherine Frazee, Teresa Luciani and Melanie Panitch
Dancing Lessons: A Choreography of Disability in Corporate Culture

Doray, Pierre with Paul Belanger
Biographical Transitions and Adult Learning; Some Theoretical Perspectives

Eichler, Margrit with Anne Matthews
What is Work? Looking at all work through the lens of unpaid housework
What is Housework?"

Jackson, Nancy with Winnie Ng
Labour Education: Action Research From an Equality Perspective

Livingstone, David with Pierre Doray, Doug Hart, Larry Hubich, Karen Myers, John Myles, Milosh Rykov & Susan Stowe
Exploring the Changing Nature of Work and lifelong Learning: Preliminary Findings of a Canadian National Survey
& the
PowerPoint Presentation

Sawchuk, Peter
Worker responses to technological change in the Canadian public sector: issues of learning and labour process

Schugurensky, Daniel with Fiona Duguid and Karsten Mündel
Learning from each other: housing co-op members’ acquisition of skills, knowledge, attitudes and values

Schugurensky, Daniel with Karsten Mündel
Volunteers’ informal learning in community-based organizations: On individual experience and collective reflection"

Schugurensky, Daniel with Bonnie Slade and Yang Luo "Seeking ‘Canadian experience’: the informal learning of new immigrants as volunteer workers"

Shragge, Eric with Steve Jordan, Jill Hanley, Lauren Posner, Marco Luciano and Charlotte Baltodano
Learning to Resist – Immigrant Workers’ Experiences

Smaller, Harry with Rosemary Clark, Doug Hart, David Livingstone and Paul Tarc
Canadian Teachers’ Formal and Informal Learning Practices: A Preliminary Examination of Data from a National Teacher Survey

Taylor, Alison with Susan Brigham
Growing Health(y) Workers

Verma, Anil with Sara Mann
Learning Among Lower Wage and At-Risk Workers: The Roles of Personal, Organizational and Social Resources


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