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Welcome to the Fall Season at WALL!
Here is our list of upcoming events...

FALL 2005

Monday, October 3, 12:00 – 1:00pm, Room 12-274
Jill Blackmore
Unprotected Participation in Lifelong Learning: A Feminist Reality Check of Discourses of Flexibility, Pathways, and Seamlessness

Lifelong learning (LLL) has been a central theme in discourses mobilized to restructure education and training during the 1990s. But what does LLL mean, who benefits and what can research tell us about the capacity of LLL to improve the educational and life opportunities of girls and women? This paper draws on Australian empirical research on women in education management, in community education, and young women in school and vocational education to deconstruct dominant discourses about lifelong learning and how they have differential and sometimes dubious benefits for many of these groups.

Dr. Jill Blackmore is Professor of Education at the Faculty of Education, Deakin University, Australia. She is former President of the Australian Association of Research in Education, editor of its journal and is currently on several editorial boards (e.g. British Educational Research Journal). She teaches educational administration and policy, and undertakes professional development and policy consultancy with various education stakeholders.

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Wednesday, October 12, 12:00 – 2:00pm, Room 12-274
Lucy Suchman and Peter Sawchuk
Doing Tech Change in High Tech Industries: Critical Reflections on Recent Research

Lucy Suchman will speak about her experiences while at Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) in doing tech change as ethnographically-informed, practice-based co-development. She will use her last XEROX PARC project, which involved a civil engineering project at the state dept of transportation, as a case.

Peter Sawchuk will discuss technological change and worker responses in the context of the reform of social benefits delivery work in the Ontario public service. He argues that participatory technological design, inflected by a recognition of power struggles in the workplace, can inform collective bargaining in new ways, particularly when proposals are based in a recognition of technological implementation as a ongoing, mediated, conflictual, developmental (i.e. learning) process.

Lucy Suchman is the acting co-head of sociology and the co-director of the Centre for Science Studies at the University of Lancaster. She worked for twenty years as a researcher at Xerox's PARC. Her research has centered on relations of ethnographies of everyday practice to new technology design.

Peter Sawchuk is an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto teaching in the Sociology & Equity Studies in Education Department (OISE/UT) as well as at the Centre for Industrial Relations & Human Resources. Recent books include "Adult Learning and Technology in Working-Class Life" (Cambridge UP 2003),and "Hidden Knowledge: Organized Labor in the Information Age" (co-authored with D.W. Livingstone, Rowman and Littlefield 2004).

Thursday, October 20, 12:00 – 1:00pm, Room 12-274
Charles Chen
Proactive Learning, Work and Well Being

With a goal of promoting the psychological well being of adults, this presentation is to explore the role of proactive learning in adults’ life career development. In focusing on enhancing the quality of one’s learning experience, proactive learning draws attention to both a comprehensive notion of learning and several key considerations that facilitate the effectiveness of the learning process. The presentation will first review a series of key concepts and tenets from several major learning theories, leading to the formation of a rationale that highlights the critical role of learning in individuals’ life development experiences. It will then point to the importance of not only understanding the notion of learning but also improving the quality of learning. In doing so, it will propose several principles and guidelines that can help adults make their lifelong learning a more proactive, constructive, and effective process of personal growth. Some proactive learning strategies will also be highlighted.

Charles Chen is Associate Professor of Counselling Psychology at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto (OISE/UT). His publications include, among others, articles and book chapters on a variety of topic areas in the general domain of Counselling Psychology, including topics such as stress and coping, cross-cultural transition and adjustment, counsellor education and training, counselling in higher education, Morita therapy, and Morita-philosophy-based career interventions. In addition to these subjects, the majority of his published works focus on the central theme of vocational and career psychology broadly defined, studying a variety of life career development issues through individuals' life span. He is the first and only recipient of the 2005 David E. Hunt Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching at OISE/UT..





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