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Book Launch & Celebration
OISE/UT Library - December 2003

Introducing David Livingstone, author of The Education Jobs Gap, Ilda Januario, Coordinator of the WALL Research Network (David's $3 million SSHRC-funded project).

An audience-warming speech from the heart, by Tam Gallagher, President of Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada Local 200-0.

The public listens in.

Terezia Zoric

Fab Antonelli, author of "Learning Labour; Ideas for Secondary Schools"

Recognizing some faces in the audience... (left to right) Cheryl Zimmerman (Business Officer, SESE-OISE/UT), Maureen Hynes (Labour poet, & George Brown School of Labour), Rosemary Clark (editor of "Learning Labour; Ideas for Secondary Schools"), Fab Antoneli, Kari Delhi (Associate Professor, SESE), Munya Kabba (doctoral student, SESE), Nat Paul (doctoral student, SESE).

Rosemary Clark, editor of "Learning Labour; Ideas for Secondary Schools" at the display table.

David Livingstone chats with Mike Lyons, Head of the Toronto and District Labour Council.

Ms. Farrish (mother of...) Peter Sawchuk with partner Jill Sawchuk.