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Project Leader for the case study "Doing Disability at the Bank: Discovering the Work and Informal Learning/Teaching Done by Disabled Bank Employees"

Dr. Kathryn Church has been researching issues of disability since the mid-1980s. Trained as a clinician, she moved into community organizing and policy development as the first Coordinator of “Building a Framework for Support,” a national initiative of the Canadian Mental Health Association. Her doctorate in sociology explored psychiatric survivor involvement in community mental health policy. In the course of producing this work, she became a strong ally of the survivor movement. Dr. Church has spent the past ten years doing community-based research with survivor organizations engaged in knowledge development, specifically in defining their own approach to economic development. She has become skilled in attending to insider/outsider relations with respect to disability communities, in using qualitative methods that are sensitive to the subjectivities of disabled people, and in using alternative forms of writing and research dissemination that meet community needs. Author of “Forbidden Narratives: Critical Autobiography as Social Science” and a range of academic papers, Dr. Church’s research output also includes a dozen plain-text documents, as well as production consultation for a documentary length film called “Working Like Crazy.”. From 1997 to 2001, she was curator of an award-winning museum exhibit entitled “Fabrications: Stitching Ourselves Together.” It has completed a three year tour of Canada.

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