JUNE 17-18-19, 2004
Three Days of Talks on Lifelong Learning and Work

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Speaking: Veronica McGivney (UK) -- To her right: Jane Gaskell (Dean, OISE/UT), and poet Maureen Hynes; to Veronica's left: Bernd Overwien (Germany), Larry Hubich (SFL) and David Livingstone (WALL Principal Investigator)Speaking: Elaine Bernard (Harvard)Speaking: Winnie Ng (far right)Researchers look onClosed conference in session, discussion...Case study groups presentListening to case study presentations Montreal Case Study group Case study presentations continueInternational Advisory presents responseAfter day 1: a sunny evening dinner gatheringDinner: a close up shot with WALL coordinator (Ilda Januario), Karen Myers and Anne MatthewsDinner: Peter Boyd entertains playing right-handed dobro left handed